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The South Carolina Blockchain Initiative

PalmettoChain, Inc.

About Us

We began as a grass roots group of blockchain enthusiasts that believed every individual, business and branch of government in the great state of South Carolina can benefit from blockchain technology. We believe this technology combined with other emerging techs will create efficiencies heretofore unimaginable and be hosted on our own utility blockchain utility aptly dubbed, the PalmettoChain.

Why Join?

"The greatest capability a person has is that of availability - here I am!"                                      Dr. Gordon Jones, Co-founder of PalmettoChain Inc.

"At PalmettoChain, we are building the future of South Carolina today, one day at a time."           Dennis Fassuliotis, Co-founder & Executive Director

Our Mission

• Advance the acceptance and use of blockchain technology

• Advocate for a favorable regulatory environment

• Educate citizens and leadership on the benefits of blockchain technology

• Encourage the cooperation of blockchain related groups and businesses in promoting the technology's adoption

A Big Thanks

Since the beginning of South Carolina as a sovereign state out of the ashes of the colonies, it has taken a community of believers to build what we have today. Thank you to all who are contributing to the opportunity South Carolina has to continue to secure its sovereignty and lead the world in adopting blockchain technology to serve it's people.

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